Wedding exhibition but no royal wedding dresses

The Victoria & Albert Museum’s Wedding Dress exhibition which covers the period1775-2014 contains wedding dresses from shopkeeper’s daughters, flower sellers and celebrities ranging from Kate Moss to the Duchess of Cambridge – but not a single royal wedding dress.

The rooms abound with inspiration, not least of which happens when Dita Von Teese's huge purple wedding dress swims into view, although she was beaten to this dramatic shade by Harriet Joyce of Middlesex, who in the 1880s made her own wedding dress in violet (with a white lace trim and wax orange blossom on her hat) because she felt she was too old at 35 to wear white. And if purple inspires you, why not theme your wedding around it? You don’t have to go for a full on purple dress … some of the most beautiful wedding themes we’ve seen use violet, lilac or purple as an accent, like this gorgeous purple sash on a classic gown. You can follow the theme right through, including lilac bridesmaid’s gifts like our pretty personalised pictures which are bound to delight the most sophisticated bridesmaid as well as the littlest flower girl.

One groom but five weddings?

Richard Curtis has hinted, and we wait to see what happens! The man who wrote that film - Four Weddings and a Funeral – has suggested that he might be about to marry his long time partner Emma Freud. During an interview, Curtis hinted that he may finally have a marriage ceremony of his own on the horizon. He claims he wrote the film to try and explain to his mother why he wasn’t going to get married but now he’s thinking again … At the time the film was made, the budget was so low, the production company used ‘real’ aristocrats as actors because they came with their own morning suits. So … that’s the wedding attire and guests sorted, Richard!

One groom but no stag do?

Michael Coulson is desperately hoping not to attend his own stag night. Despite having more than thirty people booked for his 1980s themed stag do, he’s really hoping not to be there, because it’s the same day that the football team he plays for, York City, may be taking part in the first leg of a play-off semi-final – and it gets worse for Coulson…

If his team make it through the Sky Bet League 2 play off, he’ll be in the showcase final, played at Wembley on 26 May … and the following morning he’ll fly to Greece to marry fiancée Rachel. As Rachel is a teacher, they had to pick a half term date for the wedding, but nobody expected York City to go the distance in the league – now Coulson’s totally relaxed about missing his stag do, but he’s determined not to miss the wedding!