So, have you ever dreamed of getting married somewhere special? Inspired by Kim and Kanye’s Florence venue? How about a wedding celebration at … Corrie.  Yes it’s true, followers of Coronation Street will now be able to wed in the Rovers Return.

When the old soap set was opened up for guided tours permission was sought to open the indoor studio as a wedding ceremony venue. Studio One, as was, contained the interior of the Rovers Return, the underwear factory and the Platt and Duckworth homes. The hours are proving to be a big pull, but wedding packages are likely to be even mores so.  As a result of the planned tours, the weddings will have to take place on weekday evenings, after the venue is closed to tour groups, but that’s unlikely to deter keen fans who are already trying to book dates with the venue.

Better the Rovers than the Sheffield venue Green Directions. The owner of the venue had applied to hold wedding celebrations in marquees and teepees on the site this summer but the application for the farm site was turned down through fear of disturbance to neighbours. Five unhappy couples who’d already booked have been left seeking alternative locations at short notice. For couples planning to use an alternative style venue that hasn’t previously hosted wedding ceremonies it’s a good idea to enquire whether the venue has permission or has merely sought it. Quite often venues that aren’t traditionally used for weddings will only seek licences after they’ve started to receive enquiries and it is vital to know whether your chosen location is approved or merely seeking approval.

Rosie’s dreams come true

Rosie Staunton is five years old, and she loves all things pink and frilly. But she’s also suffering from an inoperable brain tumour and one of the last wishes of this brave little girl was to be a bridesmaid - at her parents’ wedding!

Along with her eight year old sister Leila, Rosie walked down the aisle as a pink-gowned bridesmaid behind her parents Laura and Ryan … and both girls and mother wore pink. Rosie suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in March 2013 which revealed and underlying huge mass on her brain. Despite the medical opinion that she would never walk and talk again, she has managed to relearn a few words, and is enduring both chemotherapy and radiotherapy in an attempt to prolong her life. In her perfect pink princess dress, Rosie’s smile beams out of the wedding photographs, and is hoping to make  trip to Peppa Pig World too - although not for her parents’ honeymoon!

Rosie’s story really touched us and we love a pink wedding too. So we picked out our favourite pink accessory - these gorgeous preserved rose petals in a translucent handbag carrier, as being just the sweetest thing for a pink wedding. If you’ve been touched by Rosie’s story, there is a fund set up to help pay for some of the other events on her bucket list - find out more at: