We’ve been talking about this old rhyme in our office this month. It turns up in so many wedding arrangements in so many different ways! One of us borrowed an antique pendant from her Mum and wore it down the aisle on a slim white ribbon like a choker, to give a contemporary feel to her wedding jewellery. Another ‘borrowed’ the reception venue … a barn in which they held a proper country dance – pretty ambitious borrowing, eh? Blue, for almost all of us of the older generation turned out to be a blue garter or some other form of blue underwear but for the modern bride blue is likely to turn up all over the place: blue wedding shoes, a largely blue bouquet, even blue hair, which we’ve seen a couple of times in the past year, especially ombre and dip dye shades on blonde hair. If that’s a step too far for you, we’ve got some other ideas for you to consider, like our stunning royal blue table crystal decorations which are a sophisticated addition to your reception décor.

Wedding regrets

We’ve also been talking about regrets. Not big regrets like whether we should have got married in the first place, but those smaller regrets about things that just got lost in the process. For one of our team that was the fact that before she donned her wedding dress, the photographer lovingly photographed it - on a tatty old metal hanger, because the bride-to-be never thought to bring a pretty hanger for her dress to be displayed on. For another it’s not her own wedding she has a regret about, but her parents’! They were married in April and it snowed, but their old-fashioned photographer carefully excluded every single snowflake and snowdrift from their pictures, so you can’t tell that her mum and dad said ‘I do’ in a snowstorm – what a shame …

To avoid regrets for your wedding day, it’s good to spend some time browsing other people’s wedding albums (you can do that online) and talking to family and friends about their wedding experiences so that you have a chance to think about all your opportunities and plan for every eventuality – even snow in April!

Celebrity wedding round up

It’s reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are receiving a whole heap of … rejections. Apparently 105 guests have said no. We’re not sure that’s true or whether it’s just gossip, nor is anybody exactly sure how many guests they’ve invited, so it could be that 105 is just a tiny proportion!  And Nicky Minaj is planning her wedding with care – rumour has it that she wants to arrive riding on an elephant and take her vows in a hot tub! We’re betting the might have pink hair for the ceremony too. But the really big news is that Elton John and David Furnish will marry at a register office in the UK in May! Following their civil ceremony eight years ago, the couple stated that they consider it their ‘duty’.