March came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion this year, for sure!  Here at The Bridal Gift Box we saw our early in the month weddings going off wonderfully, with many brides getting a warmer day than they’d dared to hope for but the end of the month has seen some of those investments in faux fur shoulder capes and thermal tights to wear under bridesmaids’ dresses paying off, and the weather is isn’t done with us yet!  We might see some snow covered wedding photos before the month is done …

Good news bridal stories

So what have we been up to, apart from following our brides on social media and seeing how their big day shaped up? Well our hampers have been flying off the shelves which always makes us happy and we were reflecting on how little it takes to make people happy, like this heart-warming story from Waco in which a sixteen year old bought a baseball glove at a sports store, only to find that it contained a surprise gift – a man’s engagement ring! The ring, inscribed ‘I love my marine’ was embedded deep in the glove and Ryan Alexander spent some time trying to track down the owner. Eventually he was discovered and admitted that he’d been trying on baseball gloves and the ring must have slipped off his finger. Chad Rumsey didn’t miss the ring until he went to put it on a couple of days later and found it missing. And this was the second engagement ring he’d had – the first one got damaged in action and Mrs Rumsey bought her husband another for Christmas! What a great action by Ryan Alexander and how thankful Mr and Mrs Rumsey were to get the ring back.

Thank you note etiquette

Speaking of gifts and thanks, we’ve been asked a question about thank you notes. Our bride-to-be queried, ‘When should thank yous be sent and how personal should they be. Also who gets to write them?’

Three good questions in one. The answer to the first is very simple – send a thank you as soon as you can. It’s great to do them as the gifts come in, rather than coming back from honeymoon and having a huge pile of thanks to send out. The second question is easy to answer too: we think thank you cards work better than notes because:

  • They are easier to write
  • They are more attractive than notepaper and can be displayed easily
  • You can opt for personalised thank you cards.
Butterfly wedding cake


One of our favourites for this year is this beautiful hand-embroidered card … butterflies are very fashionable this year and butterfly fascinators and jewellery have been key to many bridal shows with everything from cakes to wedding albums featuring their beauty. We think it’s a gorgeous trend that can be carried through into wedding favours and thank you gifts. To write your thank you, write a line of greeting, a line of thanks and maybe a comment about how excited you are to receive your gift or how you intend to use it, then sign off as you usually would using both your names.

As for the third questions, the answer is supposed to be that the groom thanks ‘his’ people for gifts, the bride thanks hers and they split mutual friends and do half each. The real answer, in our experience, is that the bride ends up doing them all!