Anniversary celebrations

Do you expect to make it to your 67th wedding anniversary?  It’s probably a question you’ve never asked yourself, particularly if you’re still planning your wedding. But for one couple the question of ‘what would you like for your anniversary’ has been answered. The couple were HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and what they got for their 67th anniversary was a flypast! On a visit to RAF Lossiemouth in Moray the couple, who wed on 20 November 1947, inspected the base and then enjoyed a fly past of Tornado and Typhoon jets. Perhaps a fly past is beyond most of our pockets, but what a wonderful way to celebrate a partnership!

Very British weddings

Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely a traditional kind of a chap. He used the classic system to announce his engagement … no, not bouncing on a sofa or proposing on the red carpet of some film premiere, he simply published an announcement in the Times reading, ‘The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Katharine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London.’ Simple, brief, elegant.

But publicity is part of an actors life, and he’s given a few hints about wedding plans to reporters hounding him about his intentions. At an award ceremony he took the opportunity to tell us what he will, and won’t be doing, and it was simple, elegant and brief, "I think I'll be having a very private wedding," was all the 38-year-old had to say!

Bling wedding vision

Gail Be is a ‘visionary artist and designer’ who specialises in bead sculpture. She’s just made a wedding gown unlike any other … in a warehouse in Minneapolis.

The statistics are impressive:

  • It weighs around 90 kilos
  • It contains nearly a million beads
  • Construction took over 20,000 hours
  • The six metre long train contains seven miles of beading wire
  • 500,000 glass pearl beads and 400,000 crystals (including vintage Swarovski) make up the dress.

Be has had notable success with her beaded creations, one of her designs - a fascinator/hat called Erotic Ice was worn by Lady Gaga on the cover for her duet with Tony Bennet - but there may be issues in finding a bride for this wedding dress - Gail is seeking a movie director or a museum to take it on, for good reason. It’s a UK size 8 and if you compare the size to the weight, any bride wearing it down the aisle had better be a weightlifter, as the dress could weigh more than half as much again as the bride!

If that seems excessive to you, but you love the idea of a bit of bling, why not? Our Hepburn bridal bracelet by Chez Bec is a stunning diamante wedding accessory, and for table decor you can choose to bring the crystal theme to your event by strewing your reception tables with scintillating table crystals that come in a brilliant range of colours to match your wedding dress.