April can be the perfect wedding month. It’s not too hot, so everybody can be comfortable, nature is cooperating with you by making the world beautiful which means you need to spend less on décor and the general sense of new beginnings is a wonderful enhancement of your commitment to each other.

1 Invitations – pastel themes are traditional for spring wedding invitations. However, you’re not limited to the classic colours: pale green, baby blue, primrose yellow etc. You can consider the brighter hues that are seen at this time of year (see our section on flowers below for some ideas). Focusing on the standard spring patterns of pinstripes, flowers and polka dots can also help build the atmosphere of an April wedding.

2 Décor – the season makes it easy! Many wonderful flowers are in season but even better, gorgeous branches of catkins and spring blossom can make stunning natural visuals at a very reasonable cost. Of course it may be Eastertide too, so if you’re having a religious ceremony remember to check with your church about their Easter decorations – some brides love the way their venue will already be decorated, others prefer to ask if the Easter arrangements can be removed for the period of their wedding.

Apple Blossom Decor

3 Flowers  - this is the best season of the year for flowers: from the delicate pale shades of the hyacinths, bluebells and narcissus through the warmer but still very feminine anemones and ranunculus through to the brilliant displays made tulips, there’s something really special about spring flowers. If you’re opting for a pastel theme, the pale blue, cream and very light yellow shades will brighten your wedding and these colours can be enhanced with soft grey-green foliage and the delicate shapes offered by ferns. In the mid-range, anemones and ranunculus offer richer shades which can be well supported by bright ribbon bindings for bouquets and simple leaf shapes  and when you’re up to tulips and mimosa you’re into a vibrant spectrum of glowing yellow, bright red and dramatic lipstick pinks which work well with modern wedding themes like black and white. As an example, our White Wedding cake topper looks utterly fabulous when paired with some bright fresh flowers to give your wedding cake a contemporary wow factor.

4 Food – your reception food can reflect the season; choose a light fruit punch to serve rather than champagne, offer baby vegetables and fresh fish such as salmon to bring a springtime delight to the taste-buds and then your dessert can be something beautifully seasonal like apricots or strawberries.

5 Weather – this is the big gamble! April wedding guests can experience anything from brilliant sunshine to snow-drifts, but what most brides dread is a grey rainy day. You can counteract the worst of the weather by offering bubble umbrellas or umbrellas line with bright shades of yellow and pink, ensuring that your guests will be warm by providing hand-warmers if your church or other vow location is a bit chilly and reminding women to bring a shawl or pashmina.

6 Clothing – your guests need to know how much time they might need to spend outside, walking between venues or for photographs, so they can plan their clothing accordingly. Remember that your reception venue will probably be very warm while your outdoor temperatures may be quite low, so your bridesmaids need to be able to adjust their clothing too – bolero jackets can be a magnificent addition to a bridesmaid’s attire because they are very cute for spring, look lovely adorned with a buttonhole of spring flowers and can be taken off when the room gets warm.

7 Theme – if you don’t want a classic Easter theme there are a couple of other ideas that can be really exciting to consider. While traditional Easter is bunnies, chicks and daffodils, what about a Mardi Gras theme? That’s Easter too, but ramped up with carnival themes, street food ideas and lots of dirty dancing! And to take it even further, an April Fool’s Day theme can be great for a fun-loving couple. Consider having your reception in a tent, hiring clowns to hand out drinks and putting whoopee cushions on some chairs. You can also have a (relatively) clean comic for reception entertainment, and ‘fool’ your guests with a table performing magician.