Rural weddings


Farm weddings are a real joy at this time of year, although they do carry a certain degree of risk - even the lightest summer shower creates mud, livestock can be smelly and farm machinery can become an intrusive feature of your ceremony.

Farm Wedding Tyre


There are fantastic advantages too - barns make amazing wedding reception venues, the countryside is the most wonderful backdrop for wedding photos and you’ll often find that on-farm catering is both cost effective and wholesome. However, when Brad and Janessa McKillens, from Ontario, Canada, got married, they didn’t realise that in one of their wedding photos there were two cows humping in the background! Janessa found the picture so hilarious that she sent it to the Ellen DeGeneres show and it got a national airing on American TV. So beware - when love is in the air, it’s everywhere!


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Saying no to a wedding


It seems that more and more guests are saying no to wedding invitations. A survey by travel website Priceline discovered that of a thousand people in their twenties and thirties, nearly 40% had made excuses not to attend a wedding because of the cost involved.


Given that most millennials attend around three weddings a year, and are expecting to cough up an average of $893 (nearly £700) per wedding, it’s no surprise that they are increasingly finding reasons not to commit to destination weddings. Even if the celebration is local, stag or hen trips, hotel stays, new clothes and a bridal gift still make a hefty dent in the average wedding guest’s budget.

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So … it’s that time of year when people look out for fake news stories and pranks, and when we were writing our Bridal Gift Box round up of the bridal world of the last few weeks we realised there was more than one story that could be considered a wedding April Fool - but can you work out which story it is?

The bride who got married at Taco Bell

Spring Bride 1


The bride who got married at Taco Bell. For those who don’t know, Taco Bell is a huge thing in the USA with 7,000 outlets there, and three in the UK. So one couple who love their fast food took their plan to marry at the company’s flagship store in Las Vegas to the ultimate. The competition was called Love & Tacos and gave the lucky winners a chance to win a trip to Vegas and a wedding in the restaurant there. Diane Nguyen wanted to win so much she made a wedding dress out of Taco Bell burrito wrappers and instagramed it to the company - of course they won!

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We’re willing to bet that many a bride and groom (or the bride’s parents) wish there was a cap set on the amount you can spend on a wedding, and one  Somali town has gone for just that to try and encourage young people to marry locally rather than migrating to cities.


Here’s what you can have if you get married in Beled Hawa on the border of Kenya:


  • A mere three goats will be slaughtered to feed your guests
  • The reception will take place in your family home, not a hotel
  • Up to £500 can be spend on furnishing the young couple’s first home
  • The dowry (bride price) is limited to £120.
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Heart warming, hearth warming and belly warming, we’ve got some wedding stories that will delight you this month.


Wedding houses


Weddings are expensive, there’s no doubt about it, but when Ajay Munot’s daughter Shreya got married he decided that the money he’d set aside for her wedding should be used to build homes for the homeless. 90 of the 108 planned houses had been finished by the time Shreya’s lavish wedding ceremony took place and the houses will go to people living in slums who will be upgraded to new homes with windows, electricity and filtered drinking water. Daughter Shreya presented the keys to the new home-owners after her wedding.


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Posted By Victoria Barber

national British newspaper has picked up a story about naughty brides and run with it. There was the bride who was texting sexy selfies to another man while getting dressed for her wedding and the woman who announced on the morning of the big day that she tho

ught she was in love … with her chief bridesmaid! The bridezilla syndrome is well known, but such extreme examples are really outrageous and pretty funny. Thank heavens that for most of us the worst experience will be a short, sharp dress-fitting meltdown.

 If you’re involved with a bride who’s heading for a massive tantrum, we can’t recommend one thing too highly - chocolate! A bar of personalised chocolate tucked into your bag or pocket can bring around the average bride … as well as being a thoughtful gift.

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